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Regulation pets

In Hotel CasAntica, the priority is that you feel at home and we understand that pet canines are important members of the family. The following are pet norms in Hotel CasAntica that we would thank you to sign at your check-in and have present during your stay with us.

I have read and agree to the following politics:

  • Maintain my pet off all the furniture, including bed, chairs and sofas, and he/she must sleep on their special bed that I´ll bring with me. I also agree to pay an extra fee of $500 pesos in case additional cleaning is necessary and reported by our cleaning ladies.
  • My pet is not aggressive and is really sociable with other animals and people.
  • My pet’s shots are up to date and complete; it’s necessary to present my pet’s veterinarian certificate where it states that my pet is healthy and free of flees.
  • I will not leave my pet alone in the room during my stay. My pet will be with me, under my care at all times. I understand and accept that if I leave my pet alone in the room, I will be held financially responsible for any damage that may occur. I also agree with paying $200 in case of any complaint brought up against barking or noise making of any sort.
  • My pet will wear a leash and dog tag with his information while in public areas, such as the first patio. He/she is not allowed inside the restaurant nor inside the pool area.
  • I will be responsible for picking up after my pet and disposing of it in a plastic bag inside the trash can.
  • Inform staff about “accidents” inside the room or outside of it caused by my pet immediately and ask for special cleaning.
  • I will financially respond to any damage caused by my pet throughout my stay. My room will be checked at the moment I check-out to evaluate the damage and charges, if any, that in consequence I agree to pay.
  • Under no circumstance is my pet allowed to shower in my room or in the pool.
  • The hotel is not held responsible for death, loss, illness or damage to a third party caused by my pet.
  • If your pet requires grooming, or a veterinarian’s services, Hotel CasAntica can gladly contact external services for you, services which also have an extra cost depending on the service provided.

We guarantee to you that following these policies, your stay with us,as well as our other guests will be a lot more pleasant!